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it is a form of cosmetic makeup, it is done manually with a hand tool and microneedles that form a blade to implant pigment into the top layers(epidermis) of the skin creating realistic looking hair like strokes, it can last 6-18 months, touch ups are recommended for upkeep as they will shrink and fade monthly. The goal is to only need a touch up once every 1-3 years, some skin types may require more frequent touch ups around 6-9 months.

Powdered Brows (shading)-

this technique is also done manually, a hand tool is used with microneedles that form hallow circle to create a powdered/shaded look, it is also implanted in the top layers of the skin, this technique allows for a more perfected shape and a makeup look. both microbalding and shading can be done together for a more natural filled in look.

Machine powdered brows give a more filled in makeup look, that up close looks pix-elated, it gives a more perfected shape and typically has the smoothest and better retention, this technique is more permanent and can last 1-5 years, touch ups may be required as microblading pigments are used which are formulated to fade out of the skin over time.

Anyone looking to book that has previous tattooing/microblading must send in a photo before booking to ensure they can be microbladed over or if lightening/removal is needed first.

Some skin types may not be best for microblading and will have better retention results with shading/powdered brow, some of those skin types would be oily skin, dry/flaky skin, large pores, someone who does facials or uses anti aging products often.

Oily skin tends to fade out quicker but has the possibility of great results as everyone heals differently and at the end of the day the skin is in charge of what it allows.

For those unsure on which type of brow technique to pick it is recommended to start out with microblading the most natural technique that is easy to tweak and build of off.

Someone who is in the sun or tanning bed often will tend to fade quicker and could have results of pigment turning different colors from ultraviolet rays.


Consult and ask questions to determine what is best for you :)


I offer basic and advanced microblading courses and recently launched online courses for those that have a busy schedule, live out of state or just prefer online, the online courses can be completed at your own time and is just as thorough as my hands on classes plus I am always a phone call away for any extra guidance needed. When it comes to my basic course it is the only course I believe needs to be taken with hands on, gives you a little more of a confidence boost to get out there and work on live models.

My business and courses are accredited and follow all standards needed and met by insurance companies per my state requirements.If a potential student is interested and from another state I always recommend following up with their states laws and requirements before signing up for a class. I mentor my students and will be there for them way beyond the initial process of the classes. The courses cover every aspect from sanitation, products, contraindications, color theory, depth, brow mapping, after care, touch ups and more, all of my tips and tricks that it took me over a year and thousands of dollars later to figure out. I ensure all of my students are blood borne certified before entering my class and working on models and will do everything in my power to help them feel confident to work on model without my help. Apprentice style training

click links below for online courses-

Brow tracing workshop

Refresher microblading course

Manual shading course

Manual eyeliner course


eyeliner is done manually with a hand tool to create either a fine lash line through your lashes to make the lashes appear fuller or more of a makeup eyeliner look, it can last up to 18 months and usually doesn't require touch ups right away. We do NOT do bottom eyeliner.

It has a dry heal after care and could have some welling in day one and two, more in depth after care provided at appointment.

Tattoo lightening/removal

this technique is done manually or with a machine to break open the top layers of the skin and apply a saline solution that will break up the ink/pigment from under the skin, you should see results right away that will fade more over the next 30 days after procedure, depending on the darkness and depth of the coloring several sessions may be needed to completely remove. Numbing lidocaine solution is always used for all techniques to minimize any discomfort

Scalp Pigmentation

it is a scalp tattoo that mimics hair follicles to build/create density for those suffering from balding. Men and women can benefit from this technique. Sessions are needed to build density and fill. Special scalp pigments are used for this technique


I am always learning (taking new courses to stay up to date with the newest techniques and trends) and I literally never stop practicing I am always on a mission to perfect my skills. I only use the best products as this is products that go into the skin and the blood stream and may reside for a while so using the best lab created formulations from well known top rated companies is all I will ever use. I also invest in branding my own products which i plan to keep expanding with.

The ultimate goal is satisfied clients, I stand behind my work 100%. I am always reachable for any questions or concerns, and will do everything in my power to give the best understandings, help my clients feel comfortable and feel confident walking out of my business.

                                                               Beeautiful Brows-Brandee

After Care

this after care is for brow after care as it is the most commonly seaked technique and most frequent asked question. 

It is a total of 30 days until the are completely healed and have gone through your skins renewal process.

It will be 7-9 days of taking care of them, during that time you want to avoid soaking them, no swimming for 10 days, no major sweating avoid the gym first 3-5 days if possible, avoid sun exposure, no makeup, lotion or other products on them, only the ointment provided for aftercare during the 7-9 days, keep the area clean, always wash hands before applying ointment, if peeling occurs to not pick at them it needs to fall off on its own, if itching occurs gently tap around the area. always book appointments in advance before any holidays, birthdays, weddings, special events. touch ups can be done 6-8 weeks later if needed... inquire for any details on after care for other treatments. Before any appointments are booked a link is sent to ensure each person is a candidate and all questions will be answered before booking.  

To see if you are a good candidate click on the contact button and look for the consent forms to see if these techniques are suitable for you as some conditions require doctors notes. Any medical condition that requires medication and controlling usually will need prior doctor authorization. Chemo and radiation must be 6-12 months post with doctors approval. Botox, harsh facials must be done at least 3 weeks prior to appointment and 3 weeks after. Must be off accutane for one year before microblading.