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Helping to Spread Beauty and

Love One Eyebrow at a Time

links to all online courses can be found under 'training', on the info and after care page


About Us

Beeautiful Brows LLC in Peoria, Arizona is a beauty center that first opened its doors in 2015. Our business is Bloodborne Board Certified, certified in all areas of service and Member of Better Business Bureau (BBB).

We are one of the trusted experts when it comes to microblading in the whole state. Experience and expertise is something we achieve through continuous education and research in our field. We never stop learning so we can give our clients the latest and best services. 

About Our Founder

Brandee Blodgett is the proud owner of Beeautiful Brows LLC. She has worked in the beauty industry for over 10 years. Her experience involved working in makeup, promotion, and modeling. This led her to discover a technique called ‘microblading’.

Since before the opening of her first beauty shop, she has been continuously educating herself by attending business building and beauty workshops. Such workshops include Everlasting Brows training and conferences, Deluxe Brows training, and tattoo conventions.

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Her passion for beauty and making clients happy has brought her success in the industry, as a microblading technician. She is one of the first established microbladers on the west side of Arizona. With several years and counting of experience in microblading and several course training under her belt, she would like to consider herself well-educated in the field.

Brandee was sought out by one of the best and well-known academies in the industry to become a certified trainer for them, therefor she has actually attended a trainers training to actually become a certified trainer in microblading. After much thought, she decided to be an independent trainer for smaller class settings under her own company for apprentice style training. She offers basic microblading courses, as well as advanced courses for experienced microbladers. She recently launched online courses for those out of state, or can't get away from their busy schedules. The online courses are basic microblading, shading, eyeliner, and a refresher course for those trained else where but need a little extra guidance.

Her goal was to ensure there are more people offering this technique done correctly, because the techniques, if done wrong, can cause permanent damage, (scars). She wants to be a mentor and closely guide her students by passing on her tips and tricks she learned throughout all of her experiences with the classes she has taken, as well as her experiences with her over 2000 client base.

In every service she offers and her training classes, she gives it her all. The amount of passion and love she has for the technique, her business, and satisfying others shows in her work.

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She only wants what is best for her clients and students, and the clients of her students; they are all a product of her and her business. Therefore,

it can only be the best experience all the way around. Brandee is all about just trying to spread love and beauty, one eyebrow at a time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help people have beautiful eyebrows. We became trainers to help others do the technique the proper way so that

customers will get good and perfect results.


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